eddie test in spectacucolor®

April 14th, 2008

and on this, the one year (more or less) anniversary of my last post, i give you one complete, colored panel. i’ve been, uh, for the lack of a better word—lazy. getting fatter, too.

actually, i’ve spent the past year perfecting all them backwards cyrillic letters. crazy russians.

thanks to comrades gontcharov + harker for the translation.

eddie in space test

April 11th, 2007


i finished penciling the first half panel and decided to see what it looked like with my super-super-cool hand made eddie in space font. since this was no small feat, i shall tell you all the lurid details:

first, this required use of my old copy of macromedia fontographer, which is no less than 10 years old, and  has to launch in classic mode (OS 9). to my surprise, my scanner doesn’t work when classic mode is active, but this is is neither here nor there. because fontographer is so ancient, it doesn’t understand the subtle, nuancey curvey strokes and paths of illustrator CS2, wherein i had designed my new font. so i decide to open the file in an equally ancient version of macromedia freehand that i can only hope will be able to communicate, copy and paste to fontographer. however, ancient as it is, freehand also doensn’t understand the newfangled paths of illustrator, so i set out to export the file in a legacy format that freehand might be able to open. through trial and error, i find that illustrator can only save backwards so far, version 8 apparently, which still is much too fancy for poor freehand, which is also version 8, which you’d think would be enough of a common ground to understand foreign file formats. but you’d be wrong. so off i go, having to launch my old copy of illustrator 8, save out the file as an illustrator 6 file, which to my joy and satisfaction, is dumbed down enough for freehand to open. joy. however this joy was short-lived. freehand and fontographer, despite being made by the same company, still cannot copy/paste between the two programs. but fontographer can import EPS files generated by freehand, so i go about making an individual EPS file for every character in my font, which is 84 for those of you at home keeping score. after a lengthy copy/paste/save as/import exercise, my font is finally done. but only as some weird bastardized mix of postscript and true type…my machine understands nieither on its own, but collectively as a whole. so far it’s been a very odd and frustrating experience, but i think the end result kicks some cartoon aesthetic ass. it looks like i may have to go back and adjust some of the metrics (kerning) of some letters, but for now i want to see the fruits of my sleep-deprived labors. and so too, gentle jerkwad, can you. too. enjoy.

evil, soulless, eyeball-less-ness.

March 30th, 2007


i still haven’t really decided what kind of eyes to give eddie, so i generally leave them out until i eventually do. or maybe i could make him like those witches in clash of the titans who have no vision save when peering into that cloudy, mystic crystal ball of witchery. let loose the kraken!

eddie flashing his retro style phaser type weapon

March 30th, 2007


i wanted to make him look menacing, like he’s from the ‘hood. and how much more menacing does it get than retro-futuristic phasers? none, that’s how much. more.

eddie kicks ass

March 30th, 2007


self-explanatory. a colored version is over on the non-blog portion of the moondogstudios.com, under the eddie tab. go there now and behold.

eddie + fat guy II: revenge of the fat guy

March 30th, 2007


i don’t really think a guy this fat could run like that, but that’s the beauty of cartooning isn’t it? besides, if a guy that fat could get going that fast, look out. for the record, i am not fat, despite the occasional snide comment from my wife. you should see me without a shirt on, muy, muy sexy.

eddie + smoking fat guy

March 30th, 2007


while this night of sketching back in 2004 was evidently dedicated to drawing people walking around, i almost always draw fat guys. it’s a fetish of mine.

the evil cranior™

March 30th, 2007


cranior is based on my friend james, who like cranior has a big, fat bald head and a most evil disposition.

behold, some character studies from the distant past!

March 30th, 2007

i found these while browsing around on my own computer. apparently i sketched them and scanned them in for some reason back in september 2004. enjoy.

angry russian, quite possibly Nikita Khrushchev

February 13th, 2007

angry russian

i don’t know why he’s angry, perhaps it’s because i neglected to finish his hand, or otherwise he may be lamenting his own stupefying uglyness.

interesting fact: i had to look up both “khrushchev” and “stupefying” in a dictionary.